Why A Wellness Advocate

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One on One

Working with a Personal Wellness Advocate allows you to work one on one, with someone that will search for the root cause of your problem. The immune system is in chaos due to something much more profound than symptoms. Doctors do not have the time needed to give you the attention required to find the real root cause. However, we have all the time you need to get you into a place of healing.  

Illness is never one discrete method or dysfunction. Rooting out the original cause comes with peeling back many layers from years of impacts.  Sharing your story allows us a better understanding of how, why, when, and where the body first started to erupt. We then begin to recommend how to start peeling away each layer.

Leave No Stone Unturned

True healing takes place when you do the right things in the correct order. It is essential you understand correcting the right thing in the wrong order, may result in failure. 

More importantly, go slow and have patience. Personal Wellness Advocate leaves no stone unturned. As long as you are a member we will educate, teach you how to advocate for yourself, help you understand how to request specific tests, and make you aware of your rights. If for any reason your needs are beyond what we are able to provide, we have a fabulous referral base and will work together with them as long as needed.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are not receiving the attention, compassion, treatment protocols, or knowledge,
you need to get better—please schedule a free consultation.

5 Reasons to Work With Us

  1. We help you understand other treatment options
  2. Go over risks to your prescribed medications
  3. Determine if you have an accurate diagnosis
  4. Refer you for a second opinion if requested
  5. Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the care you are receiving.

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